Yes, you CAN humiliate a cat

My girl has a genuine and unconditional love of all things cat, kitten and feline. Her room is full of stuffed cats, cat calendars, cat statues, cat posters, books about cats, cat games … you get the idea. And she’s shared many a cute picture of these animals, especially in baby form, with me over the years. She especially loves the pictures of newborns nursing with their mama.

And so it happened that, over the weekend, I came across this little scene in my home.


Not only are these creatures (a sock monkey, a dragon and a spotted pink rabbit) not feline in species but, I will remind you, Milo is a male. I have never seen a cat look more undignified.


10 responses to “Yes, you CAN humiliate a cat

  1. Ok, seriously that made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes!

  2. Mags swears to follow your blog if you post more silly pictures of cats with Figment next to them. No pressure.

  3. At least Milo wasn’t forced to wear clothing, as that most certainly would have put him over the edge.

  4. That cat looks mortified!

  5. Dude looks disgusted with all of humanity. Which is awesome, of course.

  6. Michelle Schexnider

    OMG this is hiLARious!!!!!

  7. amandaeaustin

    HA! the face on that cat. I’m sure she’s like, “what is happening to me!!!???” Stopping by from Finding the Funny!

  8. kelleysbreakroom

    That is sooooo super cute! Ha! That made me laugh. So glad you linked up with us over at #findingthefunny last week!

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