An Update on My First Hate Mail Here at ODNT

Remember My First Hate Mail? If you aren’t familiar with the first post, please read it first … then come back here. I’ll wait …. (insert crappy elevator music)

* * * * * * * * * *

What? Oh, great. You’re back. Sorry, you caught me with a mouthful of Cheetos, staring sleepily at the wall, just getting out of the shower. Anyway, now that you’re up to speed on the original post, we have a little update on our first hate mail.


When I first wrote about my critic, I used a funky iPhone app to blacken out his name (out of respect?) from the screen captures of our Twitter conversation. And, as you may recall, several of my friends came to my rescue and had a little fun with him on Twitter resulting in each and every one of them being blocked from his account. But not me. ??? It sort of blew my mind … since I tweeted repeatedly about the whole incident.

Well, sir … the Gloves. Are. Off! (Gloves = fake black sharpie lines offering his anonymity) I mean, all I did yesterday was reply to one of his tweets and I earned myself an unfollow.

His tweet and my (batting eyelashes) innocent reply …


He even replied back. Am I crazy or does it seem like everything’s still okay?


Then he dumped me!

My initial plan was to dump him right back … until I saw that he’d actually blocked me, which means I couldn’t follow him now even if I WANTED to. (Pout.)

Of course, my biggest concern now is WHERE AM I GOING TO GET ALL OF MY DENTAL COUPONS?!!?

Which reminds me … I promised you guys savings when you visit ODNT. So, I’m sharing a link here for NOT ONE BUT A WHOLE MESS OF COUPONS that could just have easily come from my EX follower, Mr. Snape.

Here at ODNT, we aim to keep you feeling AND looking good. But hurry! I think that Supercuts coupon expires tomorrow!


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14 responses to “An Update on My First Hate Mail Here at ODNT

  1. Congrats! LOLOL….I wish I would have seen his “Tonsil Stone Removal Kit” on his website before I put my child through major surgery….my loss! (NOT)

  2. And to think I saw this as it happened!
    though to be honest, as always, I had no idea what the hell was going on. I just thought your comment was hilarious.

  3. Good riddance, stinky breath dude.

  4. Love the comment very “Being John Malkovich” of him! I would love to find more people who channel their inner John Malkovich what a dork for blocking you after that brillant comeback!! Must be the halotosis! Guess I will have to check out Groupon now for all my dental coupon needs!! 🙂

  5. OMG, that is too funny. And I love you even more for referencing Being John Malkovich.

  6. It was who I thought it was. So he’s looking for more serious bloggers, yet he follows you – with your Old Dog new Tits handle, and me with my “I mostly blog about farts and other bodily functions”. Not the sharpest tooth is he?

  7. Hahaha i’m terribly sorry you got “dumped”

  8. OK, I just checked out his Twitter feed and have deduced that he is the most BORING. TWEETER. EVER. How in the world does he have 103K+ followers? He also seems very weird and creepy. “I’m into health, wellness, (especially dental) as well as a lot of other cool things.” How exactly is one “into” dental, pray tell? Like, nitrous? If so, then hell… I’m “into dental” too! So basically, he’s weird and creepy and likes to hit the nitrous and – oooh! – he’s also a sadist. He’s Steve Martin from Little Shop of Horrors!

    And I got all of this from his Twitter feed. Thanks for removing those fake black Sharpie lines!

    • First of all, PLEASE tell him I said hello. I mean, 103K followers can’t be wrong.

      Secondly, I know the LSOH character well … “I thrill when I drill a bicuspid. It’s swell though they tell me I’m ma-ad-justed.”

  9. I think some people take this whole “blog commenting” thing WAY too seriously. I am sorry you got dumped, though. You shall just have to try and pick up the tattered remains of your life and move forward from here.

  10. Snape!

    “Would you like me to [kill you] now?” asked Snape, his voice heavy with irony. “Or would you like a few moments to compose an epitaph?”
    ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    “Snape raised his wand and pointed it directly at Dumbledore.
    “Avada Kedavra!”
    ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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