A Recap of WHY it’s called ODNT Around Here (for Trifecta)

Every day I welcome new readers to the ODNT community. Readers who often ask about the blog name and have no idea how it all started here back in the summer of 2011. For that reason, I decided to go in this direction when I heard this week’s Trifecta writing prompt. Write something between 33 and 333 words using the third definition (listed here) of the following word:

NEW (adjective) – having been in a relationship or condition but a short time <new to the job> <a new wife>

* * * * * * * * * *

A Recap of WHY it’s called ODNT Around Here

* * * * * * * * * *

My name is Michele but many of you know me as Old Dog, New Tits. It’s a mouthful that often gets abbreviated to ODNT. You can call me whatever you want.

Created in August 2011, my blog gets its roots in boob job research. Yes, I said boob job. I reasoned … if Julie Powell could grab our attention by channeling Julia Child for a year … boobs would make an even bigger splash. As a mother of two, I’ve got the battle scars that so many women talk about, some rather proudly. Hats off to you vanity-less ladies. Personally, I’d rather color, wax and (eventually) lift wherever needed. But it’s not an easy decision. For anyone.

That’s why I started writing about it. I figured there were probably loads of women who wanted the information but didn’t have the time, resources or unbridled insanity to do it themselves. So … naturally … I started getting topless for different doctors around town. And damn if I didn’t get a different opinion every time. It was enlightening and, despite the discovery of a breast lump along the way, we were building some real momentum.

Until they found a tumor on my chest x-ray.

A CT scan and an MRI confirmed it and it was surgically removed in December 2011. Thankfully, the pathology was benign but it was still a harrowing experience that I often look back on as though it were someone else’s story.

Now, I’m completely off track. I write about anything. And I like to think that I can make even the most mundane subject interesting. I’m probably kidding myself. Will I ever revisit the boob thing? Maybe. When the money’s there. Boobs don’t come cheap these days, my friends. Plus, I’m hoping to afford two of them.

And, as I come up on a year in August of 2012, I guess I’ll no longer be able to call myself “new to the blogging world.” Though I’d still much rather just call myself an “online writer.”

* * * * * * * * * *

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21 responses to “A Recap of WHY it’s called ODNT Around Here (for Trifecta)

  1. When I first starting reading your blog (courtesy of a Trifecta challenge sometime in April) I thought your name was a play on the “old dog new tricks” saying, but I couldn’t really guess what the meaning of it was…Then like a week or two ago it came to me that you might be referring to a boob job, altho I assumed it was one you had already had. Thanks for the post-it leaves no doubt for the meaning of your blog title 🙂

  2. Been there done that. Benign is best. Your writing makes the mundane and not so mundane interesting and funny.

  3. You’re not kidding yourself. You have a way of making things like buying hamsters very entertaining. I laugh on a daily basis WITH you whether it’s a tweet or post.

    And yes. Please wait until you can afford 2 new boobs….at the same time. 🙂

  4. Man, sounds like that voyage took you somewhere you didn’t expect. I’m glad it turned out okay for you!

  5. Being even newer to blogging sometimes when I’m reading peoples blogs, I’ll read a post and wonder what the back story is. So I’m glad you posted this.

  6. When I first saw your handle I had a good snort of Diet Coke through my nose! Reading the scary medical journey you went through when you least expected it gave me chills! As a nurse of over 12 years it is easy to become desensitized to what our patients and their families go through when faced with the illness of a loved one. Thank you for sharing!! And btw I have a friend who got boobs as a “push” present for her third child and she calls herself “Old Broad, New Tits”!!!

  7. Hmm. “Online writer.” Now, why didn’t I think of that? I just might have some calling cards printed that say, “Paula J–Online Writer”. Thanks for the idea.

  8. I didn’t know your story, so I’m glad you decided to share it for this Trifecta. I’m glad everything turned out benign so you can become an ‘old’ blogger (like me) 🙂

  9. It’s interesting to read about why people start their blogs. When I started “The Trans-Gentle Wife” it was because I could’t find any resources or help. I felt like that I was the only wife on this planet going through what I am going through! Most days I do think I’m the only wife on this planet but if another one comes along, maybe they will find my blog and not be so alone! Thanks for sharing your story! Visiting from Trifecta!

    • Thanks for visiting. I think your idea to seek others in your situation is excellent. Everyone needs to feel that camaraderie and support. You are not the only one. Believe me. 🙂

  10. I love the refresher on the name and on the blog process. You have created a friendly, humorous little corner of the internet and we’re glad to have you as a part of our community.

  11. Nice post, finally I understand the name. I love everything you write!

  12. Ah – I figured you’d already had the surgery and were celebrating it! God knows I will, and this isn’t vanity, it’s basic health. My boobs are a G cup. They are breaking my back. They. Must. Go. I’d kill for a C cup to hang halfway to nowhere. These Gs that swell all the way down to my crotchline? They hurt. They just hurt. I’m glad the tumor was removed and you’re still blogging away! It sounds like you got a hell of a lot more than you bargained for when you tried to get those new tits!!

  13. Michele’s “new” journey should be a quest for the best locally made cheese while she saves up to purchase BOTH boobs! Think about it, your quest for vanity actually saved your life! Every woman in the world needs to expose themselves to as many doctors (they should be real doctors & not just some perv pretending to be one!)as possible because it might just save our life. Glad you’re benign…I was too when I went through the same thing 5 years ago.

  14. I recently became an Old Dog with New Tits myself – only mine went the opposite direction of what most women do. I downsized. Quite a bit. Somehow the surgeon managed to leave the part with the stretch marks, so now at 47 I have these amazingly perky, taut titties with 25 year old stretch marks. It’s a little disconcerting really.

    • I’ll bet you look great. Congratulations on the upgrade. To me, it is an UPgrade even though you DOWNsized. I’ve never been interested in big anyway. But I’ve always been interested in proper placement. And I’m sure you’ve got that. 🙂

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