ODNT Goes to San Francisco – Day 5

Warning: Today’s post is neither witty nor clever. It is, however, informative and sleepy.


This morning, we drove down to Carmel (I think I’m supposed to say Carmel by the Sea, which reminds me of tuna … and Jessica Simpson, so I’m sticking to the short version). The trip was a little longer than we expected so we stopped along the way for a quick, nutritious lunch at In-N-Out Burger.


Morgan Hill, California – en route to Carmel from San Francisco


The menu’s pretty straight forward. I was looking for chicken-centric options, kids’ meals, maybe even a salad. But why mess with perfection when your lines are already out the door, right?


Yes, of course, it was delicious. It’s fried and it’s fast food. Try NOT to be delicious.

The service was ridiculously courteous and the burger was yummy. Greasy and even a little bit crunchy. (Those are both meant to be compliments.) The fries, however, were nothing special. But, for the record, I say that about almost every fast food fry. Cheap filler that is often tasteless and doesn’t hold its heat. And, while I really did like the burger and am happy to have checked In-N-Out off my (sad) Bucket List, it doesn’t come close to replacing its New Orleans counterpart, Bud’s Broiler, in my heart. Give Bud’s a shout out in the comments below if you’ve been.

Following lunch, we stuffed our sodium-bloated bodies back into the car and finished the drive. Carmel was yet another lovely coastal town offering much in the way of shopping and eating. For the former, I actually bought a top for myself and, for the latter, my girl and I enjoyed some of Lula’s dark chocolate almond toffee.


Here’s where we sat to eat it. Jealous?

Afterwards, we met up with my brother, Dave and my boy at the beach which is located just at the foot of Ocean Avenue, the main drag of the area. The sky was overcast and the sand was like powdered sugar. It would’ve been a great place for a nap. I settled for getting to sit down … while the kids ran around and eventually put their toes … then ankles … and then, well, knees and pant legs into the Pacific Ocean. It was a very enjoyable respite for everybody.


My brother getting a Thai-style massage from my girl.


Aww, man! He IS taller than me, isn’t he?


I have no idea what they’re looking for here … but it made for a nice picture.


My wonderful boy …


… and amazing girl … enjoying the Pacific.

We packed up and headed back home. The ride back always seems shorter than the one there … unless you have to pee. That’s me. The one who makes you stop every other hour for a restroom. The one to whom you want to say, “Michele, are you sure you want that third refill of Diet Coke?” The one to whom you want to yell, “HOW THE HELL CAN YOU HAVE TO GO AGAIN? YOU JUST WENT. EVEN THE KIDS DON’T HAVE TO GO! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?”

Alright, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. No one yelled at me, but I know it’s annoying. I know it more than anyone else in the car. So we stopped to pee … and gas up … and eat … and grab a few groceries on the way back. And we passed several farms along the way boasting such amazing produce prices as ten Avocados/Kiwi/Corn/Artichokes for $1. Ten for a dollar?!!? I pay up to $2 for a single avocado. No wonders Californians are so healthy. They can buy produce for less than the cost of a gumball.

Anyway, it was dark when we arrived back here and we were all exhausted. The boys are leaving for Yosemite in the morning and the girls are going on a wine tour. So we should all probably be getting to bed. Until tomorrow, I’ll leave you with this soothing beach picture. I think I can hear your blood pressure dropping.


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9 responses to “ODNT Goes to San Francisco – Day 5

  1. Edward Hotspur


  2. Looks like the best day of the trip yet.

  3. Yep, I pay about a dollar per avocado too… And I’ve never been to In-N-Out either! (Where’s the rest of the bucket list? Is everything else that’s on there super secret?) I’m going to Cali this summer, but the friend who lives there is a vegetarian. You can refer to the name, and guess on how sad this makes me…

  4. Beautiful photos! What a wonderful day. And, yes, that was my blood pressure you heard dropping as I gazed at your beach. Thank you for that. I am considering drinking lots of wine in your honor today while you are touring. We’ll see how that goes. Enjoy every minute!
    Wine, cheese, peace, and love,

  5. I love buds broiler!!!!!!

  6. 10 avocados for a buck. oh man thats a LOT of guac to make!
    California is great in that it has bathrooms all over the place, so it’s been working out for you well?

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