Happy Birthday, MTV! Just for today, you can call me Martha Quinn.

I’m linking this post up with Mama Kat’s weekly writer’s workshop. She offers five different prompts. And I chose this one: How has music changed since you were a child? When I scanned the entries, I didn’t see too many responses to this question. Which surprised me. And I was immediately reminded of this little homage I wrote almost a year ago on the 31st anniversary of my old friend, MTV. When that channel first came out and I was a kid … well, let’s just call it Camelot. Weird, gender-bending, do-I-like-him-or-do-I-just-admire-his-eye-makeup Camelot. Enjoy.

I’m hurrying to pack for my trip to NYC so today’s post is a short one. Short only on words, but long on undying love and eternal gratitude. I just wanted to wish a very special happy birthday to one of my oldest and dearest friends, MTV. You’re 31 today so it’s probably time to start thinking about settling down and maybe adding a few little MTV Jrs. to your household. Oh, and you might want to join a gym for that spare tire, old friend.

Anyway, thanks for helping me cultivate the “good” fashion sense I have today, distracting me from my homework and just generally rocking my youth. Here on this blog I’d like to share a few (dozen) of my favorite MTV videos from my tween/teen years. I’m guessing some of them haven’t been shown in decades.

In no particular order, here are my Top 25. Or at least the top 25 I could actually find online. Let’s begin with this one … since it’s where it all started for you guys. It’s still on my iPod, by the way.


Yep. This stuff passed for cool, it passed for fashion and, most of all, it passed for entertainment back in my day. And, since I actually heard my (poor, corrupted by his parents) boy singing Sixty-Eight Guns in his room yesterday, I’m going to label it all … timeless. I feel less old that way. Thanks for the memories!

Oh, and I’m just curious to all reading … which one’s your favorite?

Which one’s your LEAST favorite?


12 responses to “Happy Birthday, MTV! Just for today, you can call me Martha Quinn.

  1. Its funny, as I was reading down the list, I kept thinking “Dont Change” by INXS, and low and behold, there it was!

  2. Not sure what’s worse – that my first thought was “Oh, Martha Quinn. I remember her.”, or that my second was “Is she still alive?”

  3. “Should I Stay or Should I Go” was dubbed my theme song because I was so unsecure back in the day. You thought I was kidding on Twitter! I’ve come a log way, Baby!
    Thanks for the memories!

  4. Wow! Great choices there, but where’s Seperatre Ways/ Worlds Apart by Journey? (know, I know. It came a little later.)

  5. I am the one person in the world who does not like The Police.

  6. way to slingshot me back to my high school years… NICE! I seriously sang a verse from each of these as I scrolled down your top 25. LOVE the list – thank you for the trip down memory lane mama.

  7. I probably haven’t really watched music videos since the 80’s. I’ve seen a few updates but its it me or were the video better back then?

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