So You’ll Know Me When You See Me at #BlogHer13 (and everywhere else!)

I leave for Chicago in three days.

BlogHer '13

And I’ve got more left to do than I actually have time to do it. So, naturally, I’m spending the entire day at JURY DUTY. (long, drawn out exasperated sigh meant to elicit pity) At least, they have Wi-Fi. Shoddy, unreliable, computer-keeps-locking-up, people-looking-over-my-shoulder-wondering-why-my-screen-says-tits Wi-Fi. (second sigh) So I will attempt to write … and be witty (Stop looking at my screen, old dude!) … and share something my daughter made for me recently.

She knows I’m leaving Thursday for my conference and, while she’s not happy about it, she supports me. And was sitting beside me as I watched a video created by my good friends, Erin & Ellen at Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms, to help other conference delegates identify them in Chicago. I could see my girl’s wheels spinning the whole time. Her mad iMovie skills couldn’t wait to get to work. She ran to grab her iPod and start snapping.

“No, Mama. This is VIDEO. Move around. …. No, stop. You don’t have to talk. No one will be able to hear you. … No, you already did that face. Do another one.”

The gap in technology between the two generations was uncomfortably palpable. Thank goodness someone knew what she was doing in that room last night. Her finished product was awesome. I loved it and didn’t change a thing. So, while I probably won’t be wearing my old Johnny Depp nightshirt at the conference (remember …. I said probably), I should still be pretty easy to recognize. Thanks to ODNT, Jr. Here goes ….

Love that kid. See how easy she’s made it for you. I can’t WAIT for the movie! Gosh, who do you think they’ll get to play me? (Please be Ellen DeGeneres.) Oh and remember, at any given time, you could also spot my travel partner Mel and me in our formal wear.


What a couple of jackasses. Heinz should really be paying us by now. Or filing a cease and desist. Either way.

So, if you see me (us), come say hi. Unless you want me to join your foolproof pyramid scheme, need my help with your big move next month or want to show me your six boxes of vacation slides. In that case …. I am NOT going to Chicago. That is NOT me. My name is Margarita Fuentes.

And I don’t speak English.


3 responses to “So You’ll Know Me When You See Me at #BlogHer13 (and everywhere else!)

  1. ODNT Jr is pretty awesome. Great video. Have a fantastic time Ketchuping with Mel and everyone at the conference. Safe travels!

  2. Love the video….(great sock monkey!) Your daughter is a talented young gal. Have fun at the conference!

  3. How exciting it most be, yet frustrating as you want to finish everything. No wearies things will be there when you come back, go and enjoy Chicago and BlogHer Thanks for sharing…
    While I can see you are up to your …. If you have a chance and would like to share/link it via our WW we would love to have you here:

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