What do I have to do to get you in a pair of #MonsterInspiration headphones today?

Picture it. A Bacchanalian afterparty. Two women, stunningly outfitted in White Cloud toilet paper hats, both still giddy about being selected to interview the glamorously hilarious Wendi-McLendon Covey of Bridesmaids.


Hell, yeah, I’m bragging. Wouldn’t you?!!?

And then it got even better. Thanks to Monster Products. They were there exhibiting their newest headphone model – Monster Inspiration. Color me excited. Way excited. Mel and I wasted no time trying them on and testing them out right there in the middle of the raucous event. What better place to test their noise cancellation abilities, right? Of course right.

“What song do you want to hear?” the friendly Monster rep asked me. “Um … “ I mumble, scrolling through her many selections, “How about this one?”

“You don’t have to be rich to be my girl …. you don’t have to be cool to rule my world … Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with … I just want your extra time and your ….. Kiss.”

I felt like Julia Roberts in her famously cute hot tub scene in Pretty Woman. Except all I had to do for the headphones is write this review. Which, honestly, writes itself. After all, these things are the Cadillac of musical headgear. Especially considering I’ve been slumming it with ear buds all these years. (Who knew?) We were truly so impressed with their sound as well as their durability. When I say they’re exactly what you look for in a quality headphone, I’m not exaggerating. Not one bit. (Note to readers: I will never misrepresent myself on this blog. You have my word on that one. In fact, I just turned down an incredible review opportunity last week because I was displeased with their product. And that’s all I’m saying.)

Oh, and they invited us to take pictures with them. Lots of pictures. And then share them on our many platforms of social media. (insert pause to pretend I’m shy) “Well … okay. If that’s what you really want, Monster Products. I’ll do it. But only because you asked so nicely.”


I know what you’re thinking. There’s a word for girls like me. And I like to think it’s …. savvy. (Although I would also have accepted cheese-loving.)

I texted Dave one of my pictures and then broke the news. He was over the moon. It’s not easy to get this man over the moon, you guys.


We cradled them as though they were babies, delivered them to our hotel room and played with them for the rest of the trip. We absolutely hated having to put them away for our flights home.


And of course, once I actually got here, everyone took a turn checking them out.


To borrow from my girl Julia Roberts again … Big thumbs up, Monster Inspiration. Big. HUGE. From everyone in this house. And that boy in the top right corner who owns a pair of your biggest competitors … well, he was pretty freakin’ jealous of impressed with his mom. Thanks for giving me the props. Not only do they enrich my music experience, but they also up my dwindling coolness quotient. It’s a scientific fact. I even conducted an experiment with them right here on ODNT.

Want to win your very own Monster Headphones? Well, of course you do!

Mel and I are EACH giving away a pair of Monster NTune Candy headphones. Perfect for Back-to-School, Back-to-Work or even Back-the-Hell-Off-This-is-My-Me-Time!


They come in an assortment of bright, bold colors. With a flexible headband, they’ll stand up in any backpack, suitcase, briefcase or fanny pack. (That’s how cool they are. You can wear a fanny pack and still look awesome!) Plus, the quality of the Monster sound is unparalleled. It’s no wonder this line is called NCredible. Just click the Rafflecopter link below by August 23rd. There are lots of ways to enter. You’ll see. Good luck!

Click here to enter the Monster Headphones Giveaway.

But that’s not all!

YOU:  But, Michele, you don’t seriously expect me to wait to see if I win the headphones, do you? DO YOU? I want my own pair. I want my own pair of Monster headphones NOW!!!

ME:  Geez. Calm down there, Veruca. I’ve got great news for you, too. But you have to act by the end of the month. Check the box below. Can you do that? CAN YOU? 



29 responses to “What do I have to do to get you in a pair of #MonsterInspiration headphones today?

  1. First song I’ll listen to? “Black and Gold Super Bowl” K. Gates (here’s to hoping)

  2. First podcast would HAVE to be from Nightlight Stories. Duh! I need some of these! I’ll probably have to buy a pair too. I know my child would try to claim them as her own.

  3. I would listen to the Pretty Woman soundtrack in your honor, ;-P

  4. Nice post. Where’d you get the Charlie’s Angels pic?

  5. kellie rose wilson

    Kelly Clarkson-Since You’ve Been Gone

  6. 1st song I’d listen to is “In the Creases” by Amber Rubarth

  7. I would like to say I would listen to something for myself on these but I’m 100% sure my son or husband will steal them. So it will probably be Mumford & Sons (yes, my 4yo likes Mumford & Sons, we just make sure the songs he gets to hear are appropriate.) How amazing that you got to interview Wendi!

  8. unfortunately the first thing I would listen to is probably nursing instructor’s lectures 😦 (countdown to graduation! T-117 days)

  9. I’d listen to Clarity by Zed (Lisa David Carr)

  10. Anywhere by Evanescence 😉

  11. First song I’d listen to is Hey Pretty Girl… Love that song!!! 🙂

  12. I pretty sure Ashley would take them from me ans some Taylor Swift song would be the first song played. I like the hat embellishment on your in the photos. Maybe if I did this to them I would actually get to use them!

  13. “Calm down there, Veruca”.

    Well done. I’ll always catch your obscure refs 😉

  14. I’d listen to Andrei Codrescu. His voice is like buttah! P.S. What’s the story behind those lovely hats – contest. dare. lost luggage?

  15. Stephanie @smtimmons

    I would love to listen to ANY adult music. But preferably Billy Joel/CCR/Jason Mraz??? (my taste in music is very broad)

    P.S. Love the picture of V and Herve! Why no Milo??? 😉

  16. Christopher Cassady

    The first song I’d listen to would be fitting for the occasion. Put On by Young Jeezy.

  17. I can’t wait to listen to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. The bright candy colors of the headphones reminds me of all the fun I had this summer.

  18. Cant wait to hear Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer thru the headphones. It would be killer.

  19. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    oh, my goodness! Having been inspired by the beautiful colors featured above, I would listen to (She’s) “Like A Rainbow” by The Rolling Stones (the words are already spinning in my head: “She comes in colors everywhere…”) Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Amazing!!! I want the red ones Daddy! And I want them NOW! So that’s what you two were doing when I when I saw you giddily donning your TP hats in the hall? Excellent! You are both unparalleled in how much you rock. And now…you rock with noise reduction. Well done!

  21. First song I’d listen to… DJ Earworm – United State of Pop 2009

  22. How cool are those headphones!!! I would love these for the plain! YOu guys look like rockstars at the party!! Keep them away from the kids- they are yours:)

  23. First song… definitely Clapton, probably White Room, maybe Running on Faith.

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