Happy 2nd Anniversary, ODNT! (Fine, I’m a Little Late. Kill Me.)

So, ODNT is two years old! Actually, ODNT was two years old last week. On August 22 to be exact. And shame on me for missing her birthday. Last year, I made a whole book about her first year and all of its high points. Typical new mom, right? Then, this year … nothing. I didn’t even remember to get a cake. A CAKE! (shaking head at my own senility  … stupidity … senility)

Seriously, it’s not like she’s 37. She’s TWO. (It’s the second number for crying out loud!) She’s not just walking, she’s running. And climbing. And speaking in full sentences. Granted sometimes she’s a little sassy … and you can’t always understand what she’s even saying. … But that’s not the point, is it? I really should have gotten her a tricycle or a play kitchen or something. Maybe if I just take her to Chuck E. Cheese, she’ll forgive me. They have a salad bar, right? Plus I love me some skee ball.

So, how ’bout this? While I sink my teeth into three-and-a-half slices a slice of cheese pizza and cannonball into the ball pit, you guys can take a stroll down ODNT Memory Lane (Vol. 2) and peruse the second chapter of her baby book. No, it’s not as pretty as last year but she can’t read for another two to three years so I’ve got time.

Please enjoy the Top 10 ODNT Posts, Year Two

The Day Things Got Hairy in Disney World – In Pictures!

Goodbye, 3850 Red Cypress Drive. And thank you.

Congratulations to My Son on His Graduation Day

What Happens at the Million MILF March stays … well, actually, I’m spilling it all right here!

Things to Do in an Extended Power Outage (From the ODNT Smartass Collection)

What Do I Have to Do to Get You in a Pair of #MonsterInspiration Headphones Today?

Kids Are Soft Today … and Here Are Some of the Reasons Why (EXTREME MAKEOVER EDITION)

Ten Things That Are Now 50 Years Old

With Hamsters Like Herve, Who Needs Coffee?

The Grievance Letter I Just HAD to Write at 11:24pm Tonight

It’s been another great year around here. And we’ve got lots of new friends to testify to that. Here’s hoping year three is just as chock full of embarrassing and humiliating moments as this one. They make for incredible blog fodder. And isn’t that what life is all about?


11 responses to “Happy 2nd Anniversary, ODNT! (Fine, I’m a Little Late. Kill Me.)

  1. How is it that I get to be first to say Happy Birthday ODNT. Lucky

  2. Happy blogaversay, ODNT!
    If you dind’t already know, I checked my reader thing, and you were the first blog I followed.
    And one of the ones I most look forward to new posts from.

    Here’s to many more years!

  3. Stephanie @smtimmons

    Happy Birthday ODNT! I feel awkward that I didn’t bring a gift but hey, at least the 7th Hell that is Chuck E. Cheese serves beer! Looking forward to another year of readership.

  4. ODNT hits the Terrible Twos… can’t wait to set what sort of fun she gets into. Congrats!

  5. Great milestone! So proud of you. You’re my favorite blog to read. There. I said it. Out loud. (What?!? Teachers can’t have favorites!) that’s just a myth. We all do. 😉

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  7. Oh wow! Happy belated Blogaversary Michele! Here’s to many, many, many more!

  8. Belated Happy 2nd Birthday ODNT! Don’t worry about being a few days late, my blog turned 1 year old last April and just remembered it last month 😀

  9. Seriously? It’s only been two years? It totally seems like you’ve been around a lot longer than that! Congratulations! That’s quite a milestone! This guy right here (you can’t see me but I just pointed my thumbs at myself) is proud of ya! Most two year olds are just learning to put two words together! Here you are putting whole paragraphs together! You’re advanced for your age! Way to go ODNT!

  10. Happy 2 year anniversary! Thanks for making me spit out my coffee from laughter every week!!!!

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