Ketchup With Us #26

Ever see a movie and just love a scene in it so much that you can’t stop thinking about it? You even dream about it? Except, in your dreams, YOU’RE the star reenacting everything. Singing, dancing, flying through the air, whatever it calls for. (looking around room at the sea of open mouths) Aww, come on. I can’t be the only dreamer here. Seriously?!!? (smoothing hair and skirt to gather self) I think it all started when I was a kid and I dreamed I was Lois Lane in the famous flying scene in Superman. The Christopher Reeve Superman. Sure, he was cute. But, dude, I could fly!

If I could reenact one movie scene, it would be … Oh, screw it. It’s my link-up. I’m listing three.

I’m her. I chose the first duet because the footwear seemed WAY more comfortable.

I’m her. Yeah. Bad footwear. But who cares? I’d reenact it every day if the world would let me.

I’m him. Best footwear ever.

For a QUICK EXPLANATION of this link-up, click here. In short, Mel and I will post a picture or video with a prompt on the 1st and 15th of every month. And, with each prompt, we’ll feature a linker from the previous KWU. Which reminds me …

Our esteemed Ketchup With Us Featured Writer for today is …

Mrs. Tee


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‘KETCHUP WITH US’ – Prompt 26

In 57 words or less … if you could reenact a scene from any movie, what would it be?


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7 responses to “Ketchup With Us #26

  1. I can see you in all of these. Especially the Ferris one. 🙂

  2. I’m so posting mine tomorrow.

  3. Yes! Ferris! Because sometimes ya gotta say WTF! And ONJ in Grease? I wore that album out. I so wanted to be Sandy. Well, okay, mostly the foxy one in the spandex, leather and Candies.

  4. Oh, yes, I love scene one too! Taught my students to dance to that!

  5. Stephanie @smtimmons

    OMG!!! Ferris Beuller’s Day Off! Have I ever mentioned that this is my favorite movie ever? And that I named my first born Sloan because of this movie? Yup, did that. And this would be my pick as well.

    *Sidenote: I really think there should be a disclaimer on this linkup about “romantic” scenes. 😉

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