OMG, You Guys! Greenland called!!!

To follow the dumbassery as it unfolded, please check out these posts first:

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September 11, 2013

Dear Michele.

Thanks for your email. And I am sorry that we did not answer your email before, but we have had a lot of requests, and have just reached your to answer.
It sounds very good, that you’re interested in our beautiful country.
I understand that you want some opportunity to realizes your project. And it is always a pleasure to know that someone would like to do something in Greenland.
But unfortunately as I wrote, the last several years we have had a really tight budget, which means that we can not give any kind of supporting to any kind projects, which implying all kind of support as traveling, accommodation etc. etc.
I´ll suggest you to find the informations in our website at the following website, and search for town & regions and you´ll find the contact informations there.
If you need more of my assistance or have any questions, please write me back.
Wish you good luck from here.
Inussiarnersumik inuulluaqqusillunga / Best Regards
Uiloq Mathæussen
Ikiorti ilinniartuusoq / Student assistant
Visit Greenland
Hans Egedesvej 29
Postboks 1552/1615
3900 Nuuk

* * * * * * * * * * *

Yes, his English is a little broken. But it is WAY better than my Greenlandic so I’ll think we’ll just stick to my native tongue for our correspondence. I’m very encouraged that he offered some other outlets I can pursue to get my butt to Greenland. (I wonder what kind of shoes I should pack. Uggs make me look fat.) But I also really just want to get some Greenlanders reading ODNT. And I’m thinking I should write him back to clarify.

What do you guys think?

Should I write Hans back?


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14 responses to “OMG, You Guys! Greenland called!!!

  1. Hell yes. Keep the ball moving

  2. Yes. Keep on writing! Greenland NEEDS more exposure to ODNT.

  3. Yes, write back but it looks like Hans Egedesvej 29 may be part of the address and Nuuk, the town. The Netherlands has similar addressing hijinks but I wasn’t sure, so I googled it and got a map. I think the author is Uiloq Mathæussen, who seems to be a very pretty young lady based on a google image search & facebook. Interesting fact – your logo shows up, too! Okay, I just outed myself as a prehistoric admin and expat nerd. I guess I feel safe ’cause you already know 😉 BUT, maybe you can get a tourism sister-city thing set up and then go as the sister-ambassador in order to score and all expense paid trip to Nuuk!

    • Thanks for the research, Beth. I believe you are correct. The writer of my Greenland response email is, in fact, a young woman named Uiloq. Color me stupid. And the poor girl now has more ODNT-related images come up when her name is googled than her own pretty face. Now I HAVE to write back. To apologize for my gaffe. I would hate for my dumbassery to cause an international incident.

  4. Yes, keep writing. This is becoming very exciting, good luck!

  5. I vote HELLS YES!!!!!! And go after the sister cities too. Who knows, you may be writing us from a frozen butt somewhere in Greenland one day. Go ODNT!

  6. I vote HELLS YES!!! Who knows, if you explore the other avenues the person mentioned your lucky frozen bottom may be blogging from Greenland!!! Go ODNT!!!!!!

  7. That is so cool! Yes, keeping writing.

  8. GREENLAND OR BUST! I want you to realizes your projects Michele. 😉

  9. Are they going to address the Greenland – Iceland paradox?


    you’re the best

  10. Just give it a shot, you’ll never know.

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  12. Not stupid! Never. It’s the address and language differences!! I mean, how is “Uiloq” pronounced? I make no guesses any more since my friend from Poland told me that her husband’s name is pronounced Chess-waff even though I figured it would be Says-layw. Spelled Czeslaw. Who knew? Not me! Anywho….I hope they want you to be the cultural ambassador to Greenland. It’s a great deal – they get American *and* Louisiana culture, plus you’re *you* and they can’t top THAT!

  13. YOu did not email Greenland! You are so funny! You are a women on a mission! I would continue the pursuit! Greenland is waiting for you:) xo

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