You can take the girl out of Disney …

… but you can’t take Disney out of the girl.


  • Rides that got multiple visits – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (3), Buzz Lightyear (3), Test Track (4), Tomorrowland Speedway (5), Space Mountain (6)
  • Miles walked – 40 (approximately)
  • Modes of transportation taken – car, bus, boat, train, monorail, gondola, spaceship, time machine, faulty elevator, etc.
  • Things lost – sunglasses in the vast expanse of Space Mountain
  • Illnesses – my kids and I all down with colds I brought on the trip
  • Fevers – my girl (poor baby)
  • Braces malfunction – my girl (when it rains, it pours)

And speaking of rain ….

  • Inclement weather – only once when we went to dinner on Tuesday night. Here’s hoping for a decent ride home.

My kids are already planning the next trip. I wonder how much the $12 balloon will cost then. Oh, and you only have a little over one day left to “burgle” my house. (It’s a word. I checked.)



5 responses to “You can take the girl out of Disney …

  1. Glad we aren’t the only ones that bought the $12 balloon.

  2. Stephanie @smtimmons

    Hope you’re having a blast! Give the big cheese a kiss from me. 🙂

  3. Oh I so got sucked into buying the $12 balloon which inevitably ends up in your room at the end of the trip, lol! We just went to Disney and it was a blast! Hope you are having a great time despite being sick. Space Mountain all the way! My kids were too small but I loved it!

  4. Love that girl! Bummer about the braces. :/ And the colds. Boooo! You guys did some serious walking, though!! Nice ! Did you eat an ice cream bar shaped like Mickey for me? Well…DID YOU, MICHELE?!?

    • I … did not. (hangs head)

      I’m all about the orange ice cream swirl in Adventureland. The kids and I get them every time we’re there. Does that count for anything?

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