TEN Things We’ve Done So Far This Summer

It’s only two weeks into June and we’ve already done quite a bit around here. Because, when it comes to summertime, we like to hit the ground running. Unfortunately, we’re not usually wearing the proper footwear … and nobody bothers to stretch first …. and don’t even get me started on getting everyone to remember to stay hydrated!

But I digress …


1. A school trip to San Antonio. Unfortunately, Dean’s cell service was iffy the whole time. Or so he says.

2. A dance recital. Complete with all the fixings.

3. Volleyball camp. Viv’s favorite day was when she got to dress up. As Halloween. No, I don’t know what that means either.

4. Church camp. My kids were actually counselors. MY kids. My BABIES! How is that even possible?

5. A full-scale musical production of All Shook Up. We still have four shows left. I plan toI hope to … I plan to write all about it. Damn it. Did I just commit myself to that post?

6. Basketball camp. Bet y’all think it was for Dean, huh? I don’t know where that girl gets it from. Or, well, I know it’s not me.

7. A Christmas writing gig. Because you’ve got to start early on these seasonal publications. It’s one of my big freelance projects for June. So we’re baking Santa cookies, making reindeer food and trying out new wrapping ideas all month at my house. Which is a little weird. Which is completely normal.

8. Strep Throat. Thankfully, we kicked its ass quickly. Plus  it only managed to hobble one of us temporarily. Seriously, he had a fever of 103. (I just totally sang that in my head.) (Copyright: Foreigner) (I almost said Rod Stewart. Which would make me an idiot.)

9. Four Doctor Visits. Is there anything funny to say here? Gosh, I don’t know. Is there ever anything funny to say about doctor visits?

10. A summer job as a pool boy. Before the jokes start, know that he’s busing tables, sweeping up trash and checking people in. Which means he’s making some of his own money. Which means I’ll be borrowing from him now.  “It’s the cirrrrrrcle of liiiiiiiiiife ……..”


Wait. He’s cleaning?!!? I’m sorry. That’s not Dean. It just couldn’t be. (rubbing eyes in disbelief) Could it?

What’s left for summer 2014? Well, a good bit actually. Maybe I’ll write about that later. But, until then, let’s talk about YOU for a while.

What have YOU done so far this summer?


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6 responses to “TEN Things We’ve Done So Far This Summer

  1. We fought hand, foot and mouth hell for 10 days.
    Kindergarten graduation
    School play solos
    High school graduation
    Closed out my first year teaching high school
    Gave my first set of final exams
    Fought 2 ocular migraines while in school. (desks are not comfy to sleep on)

    Oh! And we moved into our new house. Now I’m unpacking boxes. And more boxes. What time should I expect you again? (I have cheese, wine, chocolate and beer) xoxo

    Glad you’re all feeling better!!

  2. P.S! So proud of you Dean and ODNT Jr!!!

  3. Glad you kicked strep throat’s ass quickly. You guys have been busy! My kids are still in school. Starting tomorrow it’s half days and Monday is the last day. Monday. Can you believe that? They’re making them go on a Monday. But then, we’ll get busy at Six Flags and the park, the movies on those really hot days…can’t wait! Have a great summer Michele! xo

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