SEVEN Things We Have Yet To Do This Summer

Yesterday, I wrote about some the bigger things we’ve done so far this summer. So guess what? Today, I’m writing about some of the bigger things we’ve got left to do this summer. I’m so damned predictable. I’ve always been that way. People tell me they can just look at me and know that I’m going to ….. 



(Tell the truth. There’s no way you expected a picture of Milo Claus.)

And with that unpredictability, I give you …

The Seven Things We Have Yet To Do This Summer

1. Creative Writing Camp. Also known as the Aww-Mom-do-I-HAVE-to? of summer camps. But it’s only half days for one week. So I expect a novel by Friday. (exasperatedly rolling eyes) Fine. Or a novella.

2. Independence Day. Like every year, we have party or two on the calendar. In addition this year, we’ve been assured that Dean will have to work a shift at the pool club. And we’re still snickering about it. “Sorry we can’t make it. Dean can’t get off work.”

3. Cruise to Mexico. Complete with sailing, snorkeling, beach partying and Mayan Ruins-ing. (I’m still testing out that last word. We’ll see.) And did I mention that there’s bottomless ice cream on the ship? And bottomless lobster, bottomless cake and bottomless just-about-everything. Yay! (backtracking nervously) Great. Now I’ve made my family vacation sound dirty.

4. Dentist appointments. Between the tooth sanders, the lead aprons and the funky strawberry fluoride rinse, this event is poised to be the highlight of the summer.

5. Summer reading and math packets. Oh, wait. I forgot about summer homework. Screw the dental visits. THIS will be the highlight of the summer.

6. Tampa Baseball Game. The boys are headed to a Rays game in July. (Quick. I need a baseball joke. I NEED A BASEBALL JOKE! Wait, how about this one?)

7. Memphis Pilgrimage. While the boys are at the Rays game, the girls (plus my mom) are headed to Memphis to see … you guessed it … Graceland! Because All Shook Up has created Hunka-Hunka-Elvis fever in my house. Plus, you know, I hear they’ve got ducks marching through hotel lobbies up there.


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