Nine Years Ago Today …

Nine years ago today, I took my kids to the Children’s Museum of Houston.

Nine years ago today, I ate (for the first time in my life) Frito Pie, compliments of Residence Inn by Marriott.

Nine years ago today, I learned how to text, very proficiently.

Nine years ago today, I cried in the arms of a stranger named Shannon.

Nine years ago today, my family was the family submitting clothing sizes and the kind of basic wish lists that you usually only see during charity adopt-a-family drives during the holiday season.


What a difference nine years can make. Thanks again, Mound City Elementary.

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5 responses to “Nine Years Ago Today …

  1. Man, 9 years already? Did surviving all that change anything for you?

    • It taught me that, with very few exceptions, stuff is merely stuff. Most of it is largely insignificant, and we wouldn’t feel its absence one week after it disappeared.

      It also taught me the difference between “valuable” and “irreplaceable.” For our finer things, we purchase insurance … and we breathe. It is only the things we cannot replace or duplicate (a baby book, photographs, videos, a cherished family heirloom) with which we should concern ourselves and take special pains to keep safeguarded for future generations.

      And finally … automatic bank drafts for your bills BLOW. Because after a big storm like Katrina, it is nearly impossible to get those a-holes to stop debiting your checking account for things like electricity, cable and internet service that are most definitely NOT being used in your completely devastated home. (I’m getting mad all over again thinking about some of those stressful phone calls. Idiots.)

  2. I got chills reading this and remembering watching the coverage. My first born was just shy of a year old, and I sat nursing her as I watched the news, crying for the loss of life and loss of livelihood. Little did I know that 7 years later the same would come to my city with Superstorm Sandy. Thank God my home was fine, but we had friends and family lose so much. My sister’s family is still trying to rebuild, still waiting on promised funds from the city and government, still in counseling to deal with the fear of water rising and taking away everything they own. Thanks for sharing your experiences. There is a camaraderie in this unfortunate club.

    • Prayers for you and your sister. It’s an uphill climb back to “normal.” But you can do it. And, before you know it, Sandy will be a thing of the past. Not that you’ll ever forget it.

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