The Post I Couldn’t Bear to Publish Until Today

I made another Brite book. Originally, I created it to observe the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and had planned to post it on Wednesday, August 29. But when Hurricane Isaac started bearing down on us so heavily a few days ago, I decided to sit on it for a while. It just didn’t seem right to put it up where so many people I care about would read it. I could not be responsible for creating any more stress than what was already suffocating the city.

So now, with the recent storm finally behind us, I want to share my latest Brite entitled Katrina – Seven Years Later. I’m so glad things turned out differently for most of us this time. My heart goes out to those of you who weren’t so lucky. I cannot WAIT to have power restored to my home as well as to the many others affected by the storm. Oh, and I want to thank my brother for allowing the kids and I (and soon very likely my parents) to take over his air-conditioned home for who-the-hell-knows-how-long. Thanks, Jeff. I’ll bring the sausage bread, Cheez-Its and Old Rotterdam Aged Gouda. Love you.

(Click the image below to view the Brite book.)


Editor’s Note: The Toilet Story mentioned within this Brite Book is a true tale inspired by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Click here to view it.

Thanks, Britely, for selecting my Back to School ABCs Brite as your winner last week. And thanks to everyone here for visiting and voting. With all the storm anxiety pumping through my veins, this week was a great one for good news.


6 responses to “The Post I Couldn’t Bear to Publish Until Today

  1. The Brite was very emotional to read, and I wasn’t any where near New Orleans 7 years ago. I can’t imagine what all of you went through. Glad everyone is ok, and survived that A-hole Isaac. He really should have read your letter…I mean Katrina’s letter. Glad the worse is behind you.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. I know I should be the most destroyed by the pictures of the kid’s room, but I’m a musician, and the picture of the destroyed piano really choked me up. Heartbreaking.

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