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Getting to know the Charismatic Mr. Kleinpeter

To get you up to speed … First, I wrote a letter to Kleinpeter Dairy about a problem I had with some of their product. Then, they wrote me back … and even paid me a little visit. Then I sent a thank you email to Mr. Kleinpeter for his company’s amazing and immediate efforts to remedy the problem. Here’s his response.


Oh, it’s not a joke about the lipstick on the rim. I’m telling the truth, so I know I don’t have to worry about getting caught. It’s a good thing that men don’t have to wear lipstick, or I’d get busted too. But then, we would have to see whose shade it was…..

Girl, if she doesn’t go to bed with make-up on, I won’t know who I’m waking up to. Just kidding. She takes it off, but she drinks out of the milk container all the time. I’ve even thought of labeling whose is who, so when company comes over……uh, I’m not going to say it….nope, I ain’t going to say it….but it’s no wonder that, when we have company over for dinner, everyone wants to open a “fresh” container of our milk.

Michele, I have a serious question for you.

Just what the heck is “milk copywriting?”

Heck, I’m 53 and I have no clue as to what you’re talking about….talk to me….uh, email to me….


Jeff Kleinpeter
Kleinpeter Farms Dairy, L.L.C.

I love this guy. BUY KLEINPETER MILK! Or, if you don’t live in the area, just let him know you think he’s awesome by commenting here.