Prepping for Round Two Voting Tomorrow

Okay, we’ve got five consultation appointments down (hard to believe!) and an incredible amount of information to digest.  But only two doctors can advance to the second round.  (Kinda feel like you’re watching America’s Got Talent?)

So, here’s where you come in.  I want you to help me pick these two doctors … so I’m providing you with a Cliff’s Notes version of ODNT to help you decide.  (Didn’t you just love Cliff’s Notes … and didn’t you hate the teachers who knew how to circumnavigate them when creating their tests?  And did you know that the original creator of these books was actually some dude from Nebraska in the 50s named Cliff?  He lifted the idea from his buddy, Cole, from Canada who had already started publishing Cole’s Notes up there. Yes, I am serious.  And no, I didn’t know that off the top of my head.  Duh, Google!)

Anyway, please take a look at your cheat sheet below … but remember … I’m the teacher now.  And what does that mean?  It means there’s a lot of shit in my five carefully scripted reports that cannot be found in these excessively condensed notes.  Shit that could sway you in any direction.  So, my recommendation …. and my request … is that you review the doctor visits and help me cull these five down to two.  (Maybe I can get an 800# for voting like American Idol.)

I’ll likely start the voting tomorrow so please get thinking for me.  Oh, and don’t forget to play the Boob ABC game (from 10/10/11).  We’re halfway there. Thanks, all!

  • Doctor #1 – Full lift and (maybe) implants later; Prefers saline; Not too big; Two procedures
  • Doctor #2 – Mini-lift and implants; Prefers silicone; Big to get your $ worth; One procedure
  • Doctor #3 – Full lift and fat injections from abdomen w/some stomach contouring; Medium-sized; One procedure
  • Doctor #4 – Mini-lift and implants; Prefers saline; Not too big – 270-330ccs; One procedure; Insurance offered on implants
  • Doctor #5 – Full  lift and implants; Prefers silicone; Not too big  – 280-300ccs; One procedure

4 responses to “Prepping for Round Two Voting Tomorrow

  1. Doctor 4 seems to be my #1 choice. Is he the one who is not only board certified but who also has the plastic surgeon certification?

  2. It is hard for me to VOTE for 2 doctors…here is my vote input: At this point, you need to pick the doctors you like. Which 2 did you feel gave you knowledgable information based on what YOU wanted in a YOUR boob job? Which doctors do you want doing the surgery on your body? Which doctors do you think will do the best job with the best outcome?
    Of couse we know Dr.#2 is out since he wants you dancing with Double D’s. You would topple over.
    Dr.#3 would be out based on doing the fat injections, as i think you should use that procedure for medical necessity, unless you really! like him as a doctor.
    But out of #1, #4, #5, even if you don’t totally agree with their recommendations, you have gotten 5 consultations and learned a lot…so you have some choice in the matter too…say you really like Dr.#1 but want to do full lift with implants now…you can do that.
    Ok, i will officially vote and go for #4 or #5…but again, i’m partial to #5 because “I” think those doctors are super great and have heard LOTS about them.
    Who do YOU think is great??

  3. All I have to say to all of them (because I am a big baby) is OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH.

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