Have YOU hugged your milkman today?

Have you guys been following along? First, I wrote a letter to Kleinpeter Dairy about a problem I had with some of their product. Then, they wrote me back … and even paid me a little visit. Here’s my thank you to Mr. Kleinpeter. Yes, I am milking this topic for all that it’s worth. (Thanks, Anna, for the joke.)

Dear Mr. Kleinpeter,

First of all, I just want say how much I appreciate your prompt and sincere response to my email. I’ve written my share of letters over the years and I have never found myself better off than before I started within just twenty-four hours. You guys are the bomb and I want you to know that I posted an update attesting to that fact yesterday. I’m including the links for the original post and for the update below. Please read them (especially the update) as well as some of the comments when you can. I think I might have earned you a few new customers.

  1. The 1st Kleinpeter post featuring my letter to you … http://wp.me/p1LoLK-1DN
  2. The 2nd post featuring your response to me … http://wp.me/p1LoLK-1E1
You’re a funny man, Mr. Kleinpeter, and I hope your wife doesn’t kill you for the joke you made in your letter. Please be sure to let her know two things for me:
  1. She should never go to bed with make-up on, as it’s detrimental to the complexion and will wreak havoc on the pores. And don’t even get me started on the pillowcases and, in your case, milk jugs.
  2. She should not be embarrassed by all of this craziness. Feel free to point out that I maintain a blog with a word in it that … in your world … is pronounced teats. My website actually gets its roots in boob job research so the tongue-in-cheek title comes from that. Don’t let it fool you. I’m just a regular goofball like the rest of the us.
And my joke about asking you for a job? Well, I really do think I’d be a natural at milk copywriting. It’s a lost art, don’t you think?
Thanks again for being awesome,
P.S. My husband said he went to junior high in Baton Rouge with David & Shawn Kleinpeter. Any relation?

15 responses to “Have YOU hugged your milkman today?

  1. Um…has Mr. Kleinpeter been reading the blog?
    I don’t know if it would be good good idea for you to do the milk copywriting.
    You migh shake them up. Thoug, after all the nice things you’ve said, Mr Kleinpeter might be buttered up enough to approve.
    If you did get it, that would be udderly fantastic!

  2. You’re the cream of the crop, and you could totally churn out milk copywriting. Then word would spread about your, dairy I say, acheesements? In any (dairy) case, they would see the culture you would bring to the writing, and would see that you’re eggxactly what they’re looking for. You’d shred the competition and melt their hearts until they hired you.

  3. First time I stumbled upon this pasture and I loved it. Had to read all your milky letters! New reader for sure. Reminds me of the time I couldn’t find my favourite chocolate bar in a store, I wrote to them… pretending I had a sugar deficiency, specifically related to said chocolate and NEEDED it. They now stock the candy nationwide. Letter writing gets you places!

    Strong work!

    Love Elle xo

  4. milk jugs. Hey YOU said it first!

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