Letter #1 to the Greenland Tourism Bureau

Remember my post entitled Hello, Greenland? Can You Hear MeYeah? Well, let the letter writing campaign begin!

September 6, 2013

Hello, People of Greenland!

My name is Michele and I write a humor blog (website) over in the United States, more specifically in New Orleans. Have you heard of New Orleans? We appreciate our seafood as much as you do, except we tend to drown ours in fiery sauces and often serve it with rice. But I didn’t contact you today to talk about fish. Rather, I’m writing because I recently noticed a glaring void of Greenlanders in my readership. As in zero. (See the map below. The darker the color, the great the amount of readership in that territory. Notice Greenland is LILY white.)



For this reason, I featured Greenland today on my blog (which henceforth shall be referred to as ODNT). Here is the link for the featured post. https://olddognewtits.com/2013/09/06/hello-greenland-can-you-hear-me/

As you will see when you click the link (please DO click the link), I explained the problem to my readers and proceeded to share a lot of (oh, let’s just call them) tongue-in-cheek tweets I sent a while ago to Greenland in an attempt to mend fences and nurture our relationship. The backbone of ODNT is, after all, made primarily of humor. Humor and honesty. Plus a little cheese wherever we can squeeze it in.

Why am I writing you today? Well, as I stated in my post, I really want to boost my Greenland readership, even if only by one person. Can you guys help me out? You must know at least one fellow countryman who needs a good laugh now and then. Or perhaps even YOU!

I so look forward to hearing from you guys. Aluu! Ulloq naalluariariuk! (That’s supposed to be ‘Have A Nice Day!’ Thank goodness I didn’t need to say it aloud.)

Michele Robert Poche

P.S. Should you ever need someone to write a travel review of your beautiful country, please call on me immediately. The pictures I’ve come across in my research are quite simply amazing. And, again, I love seafood … although I have yet to try whale. 🙂

Greenland, can you hear us? We’re just dying to meet you!

Stay tunes for more in this series ….


7 responses to “Letter #1 to the Greenland Tourism Bureau

  1. looking forward to the day that lily white changes in color. 🙂

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