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We’re Celebrating Independence Day AND a Birthday at the ODNT House

Happy 4th of July, everyone! While you’re igniting your combustibles, stuffing yourself with apple pie and singing patriotic anthems, don’t forget to take a moment to think about our founding fathers who created for us the life we have today as well as all the brave men and women in the military who dedicate their lives so that it may continue for our children and our children’s children.

And … if after all of that important thinking you still have one more minute to spare … please take a moment to wish Herve a very happy birthday. Because, as a hamster, who knows how many of these special events he’ll get?


Taking a birthday spin in the hamster ball. 

To celebrate, I give you Herve’s Greatest Hits. (In some of them, he just made cameos. Cameos that made the post.)