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Help! Baby Needs a New Pair of Boobs!

You guys, I’m a finalist!

My pals at Britely just selected my Brite book entitled Kids Today are Soft – and Here’s Why as one of the five finalists eligible to win $1000 this week. Dave says I’m on my way to earning a boob job. If I win this contest and add it to the winnings from a few weeks ago for my Back to School ABCs flip book, then I’ve earned about 25% of the money.

Together, We Could Earn One Half of One Boob! 

Of a better campaign slogan, I cannot think. Maybe I should lend it out to the dudes in Washington this fall. Anyway … if you have three minutes today, please click the image below and travel back to your sad youth with me. And, if you LIKE it and (best of all!) SHARE it for me … well, now you guys are going to make me cry.


Oh, yeah. And don’t forget. I promised on Twitter that I would COOK and EAT SPAM on camera if I won. So, there’s that, too. Tell your friends!


Waiting in the thoracic specialist’s office … and thinking about Spam

Waiting in the specialist’s office hoping he can give me some answers … and realizing how lucky I am. I am blessed. Sure, I have an unexplained lung mass … but I am blessed. With the most amazingly supportive network of friends and family for which a girl could ask. I don’t know why I was awarded this gift or why I so often take it for granted. Regardless, I’m glad to be sitting here with my husband and my dad. And everyone else. In spirit.

I will be fine, by the way.

Oh, and it’s my Dad’s birthday. And he’s spending it seated next to me in this waiting room all morning.

Happy birthday, Dad.


A friend of mine made this magnificent Spam cake for my dad’s milestone birthday last year.